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Treofan combines leadership in development of innovative OPP film Solutions with low cost manufacturing in our America’s OPP Plant which is located in Mexico.
Treofan, Flexible Packaging, Labeling, Tobacco Markets, Films
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About Innovia Films America


Innovia Films America, Inc. has a long history of service to the packaging and specialty film markets. We have been a leading supplier of OPP films to the Flexible Packaging, Labels and Tobacco film industries since 1985. Our know-how of sales and support can be applied directly to your most demanding developments wherever you do business today.


Our capability to serve customers is extensive, solidly supported by our core strengths in technical development and manufacturing. Our focus is on the flexible packaging and labeling requirements of our customers, as well as unique special applications for films.


Our years of experience in film development and the ability to refine product designs to meet exacting needs, are values that are seldom matched in the film industry. Innovia is ready to provide the support and commitment to deliver the ideal solution you need.