Innovia | Sustainability
Treofan combines leadership in development of innovative OPP film Solutions with low cost manufacturing in our America’s OPP Plant which is located in Mexico.
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Innovia Films America are committed to sustainability initiatives which deliver customer value. Initiatives which reduce the environmental footprint of Innovia or its customers while increasing costs are not sustainable activities. To that end, Innovia has undertaken several projects which drive sustainability and are cost neutral or deliver additional customer value. These activities include:

  • Structure Simplification
    • Replacing laminations with monoweb solutions
    • Replacing co-mingled structures (PET / Paper) with all OPP structures
  • Developing Products with Enhanced Yield without Sacrificing Performance
  • Vertical Packaging of Materials Used in Packaging and Label Applications
    • Eliminated the need for 30,000 end boards and 15,000 pallets (per year) by moving from traditional horizontal packaging to shipping rolls on end without pallets or end boards
    • The transition to vertical packaging allows more film to be loaded onto a trailer and results in a reduction of 75 – 100 truck loads annually
    • Eliminating pallets and end boards also reduces the amount of packaging being shipped back to the plant as part of recycling programs
  • Standardization and Increase of Standard Roll Lengths
    • 20% increase (on average) of standard roll lengths resulted in more efficient use of packaging and trailer space
    • 20% reduction in pallets and end boards
    • Reduction of 50 truck loads per year due to more efficient use of trailer space
  • The Roll Length Standardization and Vertical Packaging Programs Result in the Avoidance of Approximately 1.3MM lbs. of CO2 Emissions Annually
  • 13% Reduction in Annual Water Consumption Since 2013
  • 55 Megawatt Hour/Year Reduction in Energy Consumption of New Metallizer Compared to Retired Machines
  • Steam Independence from Installing Energy Efficient Boilers Using LPG Instead of Heavy Fuel Oil

Innovia Films continues to look for opportunities to deliver customer value as part of a broader sustainability program.